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3 Mistakes keeping you from finishing your novel in 48 hours

Aspiring fiction authors sign up for this FREE webinar and steal my Triforce Method to finish your book in just 48 hours while binging Netflix. The world needs your message now more than ever. Find your voice on:

Friday, July 17, 2020 - NOON EST

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go from not enough time to write to trusted author writing a book a month with:

  • The one behavior change that you can do in seconds to get you the time to write your book without using your precious TV time.

  • Why most novels don't get finished, and how you can use this knowledge to avoid the pitfalls that other writers fall into.

  • The one mistake making your novel take years to write; and how successful authors are using this to write a book a month—building a reader fan base, and getting their message out into the world.

about amy

I am an Amazon Bestselling author, librarian, and author coach. I help the busy person craft the words to tell their story using my quick and easy framework. I have had to go it alone and figure this process out myself. I had to wade through all the bad advice out there and take some hits before I figured it out. I can help you skip that messy step and show you not just what information you should be following, but also the fun way to do it. Even though I'm super busy and health issues are an obstacle that shake up my days, I've written book after book. And you can too.

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